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Trio Enterprise is a proven API performance monitoring and XML /JSON analytics platform used by some of the biggest B2B hotel distributors. It gives users access to a wealth of  real-time operational and business critical insights to help them run their accommodation distribution business.  It helps them to optimise their operations while also delivering key insights to identify and rectify any issues in their  distribution channels.


Trio Enterprise is available as a dedicated on-premise, cloud or hybrid analytics solution.  It is used by  IT, distribution, revenue management and marketing departments and provides:

  • Operational monitoring - of the  health and responsiveness of your web services environment with  checks/alerts for transaction errors or failures.
  • Business Intelligence - by translating the meta content of your XML request and reply traffic to unpack a wealth of intelligence about your customers, products, distribution channels and more. XML data can tell you a lot about the traveller's needs and situation as well as about the status of your inventory, availability and pricing.


Unlike traditional web log analysers, our unique technology enables Trio Enterprise to capture your data unobtrusively with absolutely no impact on your live systems. The system is accessed using a standard web browser whilst alerts are delivered straight to their inbox. A wide range of reports are included as standard and more technical users can customise queries and drill down to details of individual transactions.



Trio Enterprise enables hotel distributors to monitor:


  • Clients and Channels -- to use look to book ratios and revenue per search data to identify and nurture high performing ones.
  • Inventory and Suppliers -- to ensure availability,  track market trends and  be able to respond to demand at all times.
  • Market Segmentation -- to understand customer buying behaviour and be able to respond with relevant products, prices, destinations. 


Triometric also has a team of business intelligence, product and training experts who can be engaged to work with clients to ensure they get the most from their data to make better data-driven decisions in their daily operations.

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What is in the Name?

Trio Enterprise is the new name for our proven on-premise analytics platform for travel companies handling large data volumes. 


Trio Express is our new cloud based solution, based on our proven analytics engine, for smaller travel providers with lower data volumes.


Whatever your business size or XML analysis needs -- we have the perfect solution for you.