Turning Insights into Action


Triometric provides a powerful analytics platform for accommodation distributors and intermediaries.  The system delivers:

  • Performance insights into web services operations handling XML data streams
  • The ability to capture, analyse and visualise millions of XML transaction messages

You benefit from:

  • Operational intelligence that tells you how well your transaction environment is performing
  • Business intelligence that gives you deep insights into the performance of your customers and  inventory on the one hand and your suppliers, and distributors on the other.

Actionable insights from millions of hotel requests and replies help travel intermediaries, such as accommodation wholesalers and bedbanks better understand their customers’ needs in order to manage their distribution channels,  travel product suppliers and inventory levels.  Business success is all about having the right content and inventory available at the right time for the right price.  Triometric delivers those insights at the most granular level. We have built experience in this sector from working with the leaders in the industry. See what our solutions can do for you.

Web Services Analyzer

Web Services Analyzer monitors your web server environment and processes the XML content to extract the business relevant information. For online travel searches for Wholesalers this means attributes such agent details, destinations, star ratings, dates and party details in the requests matched with detailed product codes, price and availability information in the responses. Reporting and live dashboards can be customised for specific business needs delivering intelligence across time periods and key performance indicators right down to individual transactions. Triometric intelligence helps wholesalers and intermediaries to manage and optimise:

  • Supplier Performance – Speed of response, error tracking and relevance of product offering and price.
  • Distribution Performance – By channels, agents, destinations, product pricing and relevance
  • Compliance – Tracking service levels and contractual commitments such as availability and prices
  • Inventory Supply/Demand – Tracking demand for popular destinations and hotel categories to avoid inventory shortfalls

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