• Challenge

    Intermediaries such as Hotel Wholesalers specialize in supplying hotel accommodation to the travel trade such as tour operators and travel agents. They are an effective distribution channel for hotel chains and independent hotels offering global market reach and local marketing.

    Triometric works with some of the biggest wholesalers such as GTA, Miki Travel and SERHS Tourism, who have made considerable investments in API XML connections to their clients and suppliers.


    In a highly competitive market it is important for Wholesalers to have the right inventories and robust infrastructures in place to be able to deliver fast and relevant responses to the high volume of search requests.


  • How Triometric helps

    Web Services Analyzer is an innovative performance monitoring and business intelligence tool that helps Hotel Wholesalers and Intermediaries to increase revenue opportunities and lower costs. This XML intelligence tool gives them critical operational insights by enabling them to:

    • Monitor distribution agents and channel partners against key indicators including:
      • Service level performance
      • Look to book ratios achieved
      • Financial contributions delivered

    • Optimise their inventory and ensure product availability at all times to meet demand
    • Identify and resolve operational issues in a timely fashion to ensure service availability

    For Hotel Wholesalers (also known as Bed Banks) knowing exactly what availability is being searched for and how that demand is being met by hotel suppliers can help identify any potential service gaps in time to take action and make a difference. This is a critical differentiator in today’s competitive and price sensitive hotel distribution landscape.

  • Analyzer for Wholesalers

    Web Services Analyzer processes the XML content to extract the business relevant information. For online travel searches for Wholesalers this means attributes such agent details, destinations, star ratings, dates and party details in the requests matched with detailed product codes, price and availability information in the responses. Reporting and live dashboards can be customized for specific business needs delivering intelligence across time periods and key performance indicators right down to individual transactions.


  • Benefits

    Web Services Analyzer processes the XML content to extract the business relevant information needed to drive the profitability of transactional Web Service platforms. This business intelligence tool for the travel industry enables Hotel Wholesalers to:

    • Increasing revenue opportunities through insight into:
      • customer interaction
      • product availability channels
      • supplier performance (speed of delivery, relevance, price)

    • lower costs with optimised operational performance

    Of particular benefit for Wholesalers is insight into:

    • Key performance indicators for their industry: ‘look-to-book’, ‘book-to-cancel’, ‘supply-to-demand’ and ‘dollars earned-per-search’. This insight can be applied to agents, destinations, products, dates and other dimensions in the data.

    • Real-time product inventory availability against search traffic demand. Any gaps or availability low spots can be corrected – in time to make a difference.

About Triometric

Triometric is a specialist provider of XML-based business intelligence and operational analytics designed to help online travel companies meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s fragmented distribution landscape.

Triometric technology helps customers manage complex distribution dynamics by giving them deep insight into their search and booking traffic. This actionable intelligence enables them to improve their business performance by reducing costs and increasing revenue.