Business Intelligence and XML Analytics Solutions

Success for online travel companies depends on their ability to respond to travel search requests with relevant products at the right price and with speed and accuracy. XML search and booking data is rich in detail about a traveller’s needs and situation. Our analytics platform and solutions can help you interpret this data into actionable insights to secure bookings, identify market trends and optimise your supply chain.

We specialise in developing and implementing solutions that give customers the intelligence they need to address day-to-day tactical issues as well as achieve longer-term strategic goals.


Ancillary Merchandising

XML data analysis gives airlines the real-time intelligence needed to innovate merchandising that customers want and are willing to pay for. Customer insights from shopping and booking data can strengthen and refine a carrier's end-to-end merchandising strategy.

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Improving Yield and Revenue

Web Services Analyzer provides the capability to introduce real-time search data into the decision making process. Search data reflects the current demand for products that is independent of price and allows conversion rates to be considered as a significant factor in price setting.

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Meeting Demand

For Inventory Managers, Web Services Analyzer delivers detailed information on how product availability is matching search traffic demand. Powered by live XML based search data, alerts online businesses to "no inventory" & "low inventory" issues in real-time.

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Tracking Market Trends

Web Services Analyzer also offers the capability to perform search based market segmentation by a wide a range of factors such as destinations, products and demographics to uncover country/age/social-economic trends. Revenue managers and marketing analysts can use these factors to for example segment business travellers from family holidaymakers.

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Optimising Performance

Web Service Analyzer monitors and analyses every transaction recording detailed performance and response size information. Response times are measured as server and network elements to provide real feedback on customer experience.

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Managing Supplier Performance

Organisations that utilize a mix of directly contracted and third party suppliers can now get full visibility over their supplier’s product availability levels, operational performance and overall contribution to revenue generation.

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Differentiating Channels

For Distribution Managers, Web Services Analyzer provides a comprehensive view of how their channels are performing, and how their performance can be improved. Channel partners’ look-to-books and the underlying factors can be analysed to help them become more productive and drive higher revenues.

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Replaying XML Traffic

Web Services Analyzer constantly captures the raw traffic data as it traverses the network. This raw data is usually very large but can be retained by the system for a configurable period of time, typically from several hours to a couple of days. This provides an excellent window of opportunity to export raw traffic for replay against test systems.

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Testing API Changes

To accelerate Development and Testing of New APIs, Web Services Analyzer can be used in conjunction with the Triometric’s XML Comparator to provide detailed backwards compatibility testing using sampled live requests. This reduces risks, builds management confidence and dramatically shortens time to market.

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About Triometric

Triometric is a specialist provider of XML-based business intelligence and operational analytics designed to help online travel companies meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s fragmented distribution landscape.

Triometric technology helps customers manage complex distribution dynamics by giving them deep insight into their search and booking traffic. This actionable intelligence enables them to improve their business performance by reducing costs and increasing revenue.