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Four Pillars of Online Conversion

4 pillars

Our solutions for travel product suppliers and intermediary distributors are built around  ‘Four Pillars of Online Conversion’. Each pillar a solid foundation for addressing the fundamental need to convert searches into bookings. The high look to book ratio has an impact on system performance, responsiveness and the ability to deliver the right product at the right time. A key objective is to reduce this ratio and convert ‘lookers’ into ‘bookers’.   To do this everyone involved in the distribution of travel products needs insight into:

  • Availability and inventory levels
  • Prices (dynamically changing in line with offers and purchases)
  • Relevance of offers (relating to customer context)
  • Performance (of the systems, applications and networks)


Triometric Web Services Analyzer offers a range of solutions giving online travel companies the intelligence  to deliver attractively priced available, products that are continuously distributed by highly responsive search & booking platforms.


Meeting Inventory Demand  – a solution providing detailed information on how inventory availability matches real-time search traffic demand.  You can also see  a short video of this solution in action — plugging a £7 million inventory gap

Pyramid showing Availability pillar and benefits

Availability Pillar



Improving Yield and Revenue – a solution taking “searches” as a measure of demand to implement powerful dynamic pricing rules.

Improve Dynamic Pricing with Live Search Intelligence (Data Sheet)

Online Conversion_Price

Pricing Pillar












Tracking Market Trends – a solution to help market segmentation of search data using a wide range of factors including destinations, products, product features and demographics to uncover country/age/social-economic trends.

Solutions dealing with travel product relevance

Relevance Pillar


Optimising Performance — a solution to help optimise the critical operational and network elements which combined give the end to end performance and customer experience.

Pillar Showing Performance

Performance Pillar

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