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ONE Order – From Concept to Work in Progress

This is the third part of a series of blogs discussing the impact of IATA's NDC and ONE Order in transforming airline distribution and how data can be harnessed to make the most of the evolving customer relationship and opportunities. The fourth part (to be published) gives an overview of how business intelligence can help airlines understand customer groupings and their…Read More

The Opportunities and Challenges of NDC and ONE Order

Part two of this blog series takes a deeper look at the technical and cultural challenges that airlines are currently grappling with as part of their NDC  and ONE Order plans.  As an introduction, part one summarised where we see NDC adoption today and some of the obstacles that remain, while part three focusses on some of the specific challenges facing…Read More

NDC – Is it taking off?

There can be no doubt that NDC is beginning to take flight, but more like a jumbo in a lumbering sort of way, held back originally by scepticism and vested interests and now by the scale of airline transformation required. The complexity of airline distribution, the constraints of decades old legacy systems and the interdependency of the whole ecosystem from…Read More

NDC – The Challenges and Possibilities for the New Age of Airline Distribution

[siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget] Air travel is still in growth mode with 3.7 billion passenger journeys made in 2016, and additional 700 new routes added across the globe. As part of its annual assessment, IATA concludes that average air fares have fallen by $44 making air travel even more accessible to more travellers but also adding to the pressure on existing distribution…Read More

Airline Digital Transformation based on NDC and Real-Time Data

Airlines want to embrace digital retailing and take back ownership of their customer relations from beginning to end, but to do this they need to transform how they sell to their customers, especially via the agency channel. This means overhauling their current merchandising and ticket-distribution strategies and systems to meet the needs of the various channels available for connecting with…Read More

Benefitting from NDC — the full circle

IATA is busy laying the foundations for a new distribution model with new standards and processes all designed to help airlines regain control of the selling of their inventories and services via the agency channel. It’s all about giving travel agents the same wealth and depth of information at the time of the sale as those airline customers who use…Read More

Using Data to join the Dots in a Brave NDC World

N-D-C. There I have used the magic three letters on line one. Three letters which will soon be consumed and superseded by IATA’s One Order but that story is for another day. Talking Points There is a lot of talk out there, by that I mean discussions, presentations and even on occasions heated debates about the changing world of airline…Read More

NDC Standards – the route to industry success

In a recent article on Airline Information’s Ancillary blog (a great place for an insightful read on the topical challenges airlines face in growing ancillary revenues), the writer, Ritesh Gupta, points to the pitfalls of airlines going it alone when adopting API technologies to enable their merchandising e-commerce platforms. In the article Jim Davidson of Farelogix points out that “proprietary…Read More

What is XML?

The annual IATA World Passenger Symposium (WPS) is fast approaching in October. One of the major topics on the agenda will be NDC (New Distribution Capability) which is likely to heavily shape how airlines and indeed the rest of the online flight booking world will operate in the years to come. Over the next few weeks we will be publishing…Read More

NDC IATA’s New Distribution Capability – What is it and Why it is Needed?

In What is XML, we presented a simple description of XML, the language that will become the framework for IATA's New Distribution Capability (NDC). So what is NDC and why it is so desperately needed now? NDC is a collaborative initiative created by the global airline association IATA to bring airline distribution technology up to date and deliver an environment…Read More

Why XML is Integral to NDC?

In the first article we looked at what XML is, in the second article, we took a quick look at what NDC is and in this article we will answer why XML is integral to NDC before moving on in the next article to show why it is so popular with online travel companies. In the 70s and 80s airlines…Read More


So far in the previous three articles we have discussed what XML is, what NDC is and why NDC is based on the XML messaging system rather than the pre-internet electronic data interchange system known as EDIFACT. This article addresses some of the key differences between the two to explain why airlines need to embrace XML if they are to…Read More

Why Online Travel Depends on XML?

So far in the earlier sections we have looked at i) what XML is, ii) what NDC is and iii) why XML is integral to NDC. In the last article (iv) we touched on the differences between EDIFACT and XML and in this article (v) we discuss why XML is so useful to the travel industry before taking stock of what…Read More

From Disruption to Future Vision with NDC

In the previous 5 articles, we provided the framework for understanding XML, online travel’s adoption of XML and why it is the foundation for IATA’s NDC. To wrap up this series, we will take a quick glance at the future vision that IATA is pushing the industry towards. The NDC initiative has had more than a fair share of suspicion…Read More

NDC isn’t just about direct or indirect channels, it’s about being in control

(Written by Airline Information Correspondent Ritesh Gupta on invitation from Triometric) Matching a specific product to the profile of a passenger is a fascinating exercise and increasingly necessary to drive profit. It’s exciting to know how the world of IT solutions, data, analytics, and even schemas all can come together to make a flyer feel special. Of course, if an…Read More

NDC Shopping Analytics (Part 3) – Watching Searches as well as Bookings

Up until now legacy carriers were stuck offering fully loaded services to passengers coming via the third party channel because unpacking the various elements of the service could not be unbundled in the selling process. Today, that is changing and technology (such as shopping analytics) is here that enables them to break the product apart and begin to sell it…Read More

NDC Shopping Analytics (Part 1) – Shopping Analytics from XML Data Streams

Airline distribution and retailing is at a crossroads, as the industry comes to terms with the Internet revolution that has disrupted most industries, none more so than retailing and how to reach and sell to customers. The twin pressures of continuous growth in demand for air travel and the need to find ways to be profitable is propelling the industry…Read More

NDC-Low Cost in for the Long Haul

The Economist recently tackled the question of whether the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) model will be able to disrupt the long haul air travel market in the way they have successfully disrupted the short haul market. “Making Laker’s dream come true” asks whether the time and conditions are finally right for a low cost carrier like Norwegian to be the…Read More

NDC – The New Standard Behind Air Travel Distribution

IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) provides long-awaited standardization for airline dynamic shopping, retail & ancillary revenue generation. It represents a unique opportunity to modernise how air travel is sold, opening up the opportunities for airlines to become more profitable by selling not just seats, but unbundled options such as wifi, lounge access, seat and menu choices, baggage options, etc. Currently,…Read More

Transforming airline profitability – how quickly will IATA’s NDC move from novelty to reality? Part 1

IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) gets the thumbs up (finally) from airline distribution stakeholders for transforming airline profitability.  However, adoption and implementation remain daunting for an industry entrenched in legacy technology investment. IATA is doing all it can to get people engaged and excited about the benefits that an XML standard can bring to airline merchandising. This two-part article discusses some…Read More