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Trio for NDC Merchandising

 The New Distribution Capability (NDC) is a new, XML-based data transmission standard that aims to make communication channels between airlines and third party travel intermediaries easier and richer.  NDC will help airlines evolve from simple flight distribution in the form of selling seats to sophisticated air travel retailing with the flexibility and customisation that this entails. Analysing XML message streams gives powerful insights into customers, markets and product success.

Triometric offers a layer of business intelligence to help airlines better understand their customer's situation and needs. Our anlytics platform can take your NDC Shopping transaction data and give you the deep insights you need to improve your distribuition and revenue generating strategies.  With Trio you can: 

  • Analyse and consolidate search and booking data
  • Slice and dice data according to key performance indicators
  • Use a dashboard view for an "at-a-glance" assessment
  • Analyse results and develop improvements by
    - Products, services and offers
    - Market demand and trends
    - Errors (IT failings or errors within the XML message streams)
  • Better segment customers and target them according to their needs
  • Better understand what is driving conversions
  • Better understand the overall "health" of supply and demand
  • Understand most profitable traffic sources, destinations and products
  • Differentiate product offerings and bundles beyond just price
  • Manage distribution channel performance


So if you use XML / JSON APIs to exchange search and booking data, our unique analytics platform capable of analysing millions of searches and bookings in real-time,  gives you the insights you need to make data driven decisions. Trio Express and Trio Enterprise helps airlines better understand what their customers are searching for and buying and how to best to craft the offers to meet those needs.



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