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Triometric Unveils Major Analytics Release Featuring New Design and Capabilities

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Extended capabilities include performance and business intelligence for JSON, analytic support for cloud-based environments and access to Triometric analytics via a SaaS model delivered through distribution partnerships.

EGHAM, UK, 24th February 2016– Triometric, the leading provider of real-time XML business intelligence (BI) to the online travel companies and their suppliers today announced the release of its most powerful version of its performance monitoring and XML analytics platform. The Triometric Analyzer now on general release as Version 7, is the most important release to date. The platform leverages the strengths of the latest versions of our core foundation technology (Oracle 12c) and introduces a new User Interface (UI) for improved data visualisation, accessibility and speed. This major technology refreshment enables Triometric to offer its business intelligence solutions in new ways and for other protocols, such as JSON.

In addition to the dedicated on-premise monitoring solution available to all B2B online travel companies and suppliers, the Triometric Analyzer is now also available as an SaaS analytics application accessed via a browser in conjunction with third party distribution platform providers. The Analyzer is the ideal XML analytics layer for travel suppliers across the online travel ecosystem, where travel suppliers connect to third party distribution channels via industry or proprietary APIs. The recent collaboration with Farelogix’s NDC-Express distribution and merchandising platform is one such example.

The platform addresses the needs of IT and business users alike, ranging from simple data exploration of infrastructure and application performance to the more advanced business analysis all on the same platform.

Triometric Analytics Platform Enhancements

Specifically the new platform delivers existing and new customers key functional benefits including:

  • Simplicity – a new user experience combines a redesigned visual interface built on HTML5, along with some intuitive features such as enhanced filtering, scheduling and reporting improve the usability of the rich analytic insights that Triometric delivers. The customised dashboard comes with an alert system that will surface key issues to the user’s dashboard, email, or mobile device—enabling quick action.
  • Speed – by leveraging the attributes of the core technology such as in-memory data caching and compression designed for large amounts of in-memory data, overall user responsiveness can be optimised. This benefits the user by improving the near real-time analytics capabilities of the Triometric Analyzer, reducing the time between data capture and presentation.
  • Scalability – already a highly scalable system, this new release reinforces the scalability in monitoring power and analytic resources needed to address the volume and complexity experienced by many customers in their online traffic in this growing market

Triometric Analyzer Extended Capabilities and Services

In addition, the new core technology on which the Triometric analytics platform is built has opened up new opportunities for the company to extend its analytic solutions into three new distinct areas:

  • JSON Protocol – All the features of Triometric analytics capabilities can now be extended to monitor and analyse API traffic using JSON. JSON is a structured and lightweight data exchange format often used by online travel companies to support transactions in the mobile and mobile apps environment. This means that an online travel company can get the same granular data insights from its JSON or XML-based traffic even on the same dashboard, thus increasing the analysis coverage of the distribution channels used.
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) – Airlines and hotels, for example, have fragmented distribution channels, with traffic often routed via APIs and Direct Connects to distribution partners and gateways. The new Triometric Analyzer platform leverages the strengths of the multi-tenant architecture of the core technology to enable Triometric’s performance monitoring and analytic solutions to be offered on a SaaS model via a browser. This is an established and cost effective way of delivering secure and dedicated analytic services to those customers whose traffic is routed through third party distribution providers. In this instance, the Triometric platform components are located within the data centre of the Distribution Partner as an on-premise installation. Each client can access only their data for self-service analysis, or the distribution partner can deliver reports and analysis as an extension to their own distribution service.
  • Cloud Support – deployment of business applications in a cloud environment is increasing and to respond to customer need, Triometric has adapted its traffic capture technology to support cloud deployment. The Triometric data capture agent sits alongside the application in the cloud and capturing packets and delivering them to the Triometric Analyzer, where detailed performance monitoring and analysis is done. Dashboards and reports are available to the user via a browser or VPN in the normal way.

“At Triometric, we are revolutionising how our clients turn structured data into results by giving them the performance and transaction insights they need to better integrate analytics into their business strategies,” said Matthew Goulden, CEO. “We are excited at being able to deliver our analytics solutions that deliver meaningful data to monitor and manage business performance in a variety of different ways to best suit our customer’s operational environments. We view analytics as a key focus for future innovation and are constantly working to improve both the usability of our platform and the underlying analytics power that it provides.”

About Triometric

Triometric helps online travel companies meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s fragmented distribution landscape using an XML analytics platform. Triometric technology is a powerful end-to-end web services monitoring and analytics platform that helps customers manage complex distribution dynamics by giving them deep insight into their search and booking traffic. This actionable intelligence enables online travel intermediaries and suppliers to improve their business performance by reducing costs and increasing revenue.

Triometric is a privately held company based in Surrey, UK. Customers include some of the leaders in the travel industry including GTA, Hotelbeds, Miki Travel, Bonotel and Farelogix. For additional information, visit:

Sonja Woodman
Marketing Manager, Triometric
email or call
Tel: +44(0)1784 270400 / +44 (0) 7802 667865

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