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Trio Express

Affordable, World-class API Intelligence

Gives bedbanks and hotel wholesalers performance and availability insights to manage client relationships, optimise inventories and maximise opportunities to convert searches into bookings.

Trio Express via the Cloud
  • Real-time analysis and reporting of searches and bookings
  • Easy to deploy and simple to use API traffic analysis
  • Pre-built dashboards and reports directly to the desktop
  • Threshold based alerts so you can resolve issues quickly
  • No need for hardware investment or data analysts
  • Affordable, self-service, subscription-based service
Harnessing the Power of Data is not just for Large Organisations

Trio Express brings API analytics within reach of smaller companies with affordable subscriptions. Get started harnessing the data that will make it easier for you too to make data-driven decisions.

How Trio Express Works

Trio Express is our industry leading XML API analytics Software as a Service solution, with the Trio analytics engine and reporting portal hosted in the cloud. API XML traffic data is collected by the Trio data collector from the CRS / PSS / booking engine and sent to the analytics engine real-time. The analytics engine processes and analyses it to generate operations and product availability data and reports.

Trio Express Overview
Trio Express Benefits
API Traffic Visibility

Instant visibility into health and performance of your APIs to quickly find and fix issues

Operational Metrics

Monitoring API traffic (response times or timeouts), so you rectify issues as soon as they happen

Product Availability

Knowing what inventory is available so you can take steps so that supply can meet demand

Fast Insights

Easy to use dashboards, visualisations, alerts and reports for insights into real-time activity

Booking Activity

Track booking volumes and transaction values so you can determine your best performing agents

Lower Costs

Easy access to XML traffic analysis with visibility into searches, product availability and bookings

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