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5 Key Metrics Hotel Distributors Need

Hotel distribution is technology-intensive and highly competitive. If a distributor is not on top of key operational performance metrics or business indicators — revenue opportunities can be missed — sometimes without even knowing it.

Tracking the right metric across distribution channels can pinpoint inefficiencies in time to make a difference.

Using five simple data sets (readily available as part of normal operations), hotel distributors can identify:

–  Operational performance issues (server, application, network)
–  Revenue leakages in the shape of missed opportunities
–  Which distribution channels contribute most or least to bookings.

So what do hotel distributors need to effectively optimise his operations to be competitive? Having good systems and processes in place is just part of the answer. Decision makers need data translated into actionable insights, too.

With real-world examples and charts, this paper presents the 5 critical data sets derived from XML transaction streams that are essential for managing daily distribution challenges.

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