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ONE Order – From Concept to Work in Progress

This is the third part of a series of blogs discussing the impact of IATA's NDC and ONE Order in transforming airline distribution and how data can be harnessed to make the most of the evolving customer relationship and opportunities. The fourth part (to be published) gives an overview of how business intelligence can help airlines understand customer groupings and their…Read More

The Opportunities and Challenges of NDC and ONE Order

Part two of this blog series takes a deeper look at the technical and cultural challenges that airlines are currently grappling with as part of their NDC  and ONE Order plans.  As an introduction, part one summarised where we see NDC adoption today and some of the obstacles that remain, while part three focusses on some of the specific challenges facing…Read More

NDC – Is it taking off?

There can be no doubt that NDC is beginning to take flight, but more like a jumbo in a lumbering sort of way, held back originally by scepticism and vested interests and now by the scale of airline transformation required. The complexity of airline distribution, the constraints of decades old legacy systems and the interdependency of the whole ecosystem from…Read More

NDC – The Challenges and Possibilities for the New Age of Airline Distribution

[siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget] Air travel is still in growth mode with 3.7 billion passenger journeys made in 2016, and additional 700 new routes added across the globe. As part of its annual assessment, IATA concludes that average air fares have fallen by $44 making air travel even more accessible to more travellers but also adding to the pressure on existing distribution…Read More

Leveraging XML Shopping Data

Executive Interview with Jonathan Boffey which first appeared on the Airline Information website and is written by their correspondent, Ritesh Gupta. An omni-channel approach, with consistency across all channels, is the most efficient, most profitable distribution strategy for airlines. But airlines have to make diligent moves to attain such level of proficiency. Data-driven merchandising and API-led distribution are laying strong…Read More

Drilling Down on Airline Shopping Intelligence

Part 2 -- To be successful in selling the right products at the right time to the right travellers, it’s increasingly critical for airlines to harness the power of modern merchandising and retailing, especially via the channels they are not able to control.  Part one: "The expanding role of Search Data in Airline Merchandising" defines the overall data framework while this…Read More

The expanding role of search analytics in airline merchandising

Part 1 -- To be successful in selling the right products or services at the right time to the right travellers, it’s increasingly critical for airlines to harness the power of modern merchandising and retailing, especially via those third party channels they are not able to control. This 2-part blog discusses how using real-time data underpins success.  This article defines…Read More

Mobile Apps for Travel: The Analytical Challenge in this Growing Channel

The use of mobile apps to search and book in the online travel space has grown dramatically over the last five years – from around 2-3% to over 25%. Indeed according to e-marketer, online travel is reaching a tipping point in 2016 when, for the first time, more than half of all online bookings for U.S. travellers will be completed…Read More

Getting More Pie in the Turmoil of Flights, Hotels, Distribution and Mobile

Let’s talk about distribution technologies and how we get the business info we want to help drive decisions. Perhaps focusing mostly on Airlines and Hoteliers, but not excluding the wider travel product market, the supplier organisations in this complex world have multiple classes of channels that they need to manage with an effective way. I think of “classes” as disparate…Read More

How Merchandising Analytics can help Airlines Master Retailing?

There are encouraging signs that the ambition of merchandising analytics helping airlines master retailing is not just a pipe dream but inching closer to a real and achievable vision. Industry execs around the globe seem to be in agreement that levelling the playing field between the direct and the indirect channel and creating an infrastructure capable of handling content rich…Read More

Electronic Miscellaneous Documents and Paperless Flight Tickets

In this series of blogs on NDC Shopping Analytics we have taken a closer look at the: Emerging Traveller / Airline customer relationship Customer journey to conversion Value of analysing searches as well as bookings Role that PNR analytics can play in customer personalisation We conclude this series with a brief look at Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMDs) and how they…Read More

Passenger Name Record – Airlines Know Their Customers Better

Most travellers think in terms of reservations, tickets, boarding passes – but what makes this possible is in fact the Passenger Name Record (PNR) that gets created at the time of booking.  It is not an understatement to say that PNR’s are the lifeblood of air travel, because they hold the complete details of a passenger's booking, including itinerary, contact…Read More

NDC Shopping Analytics (Part 3) – Watching Searches as well as Bookings

Up until now legacy carriers were stuck offering fully loaded services to passengers coming via the third party channel because unpacking the various elements of the service could not be unbundled in the selling process. Today, that is changing and technology (such as shopping analytics) is here that enables them to break the product apart and begin to sell it…Read More

NDC Shopping Analytics (Part 2) – The Airline Ticket Search Journey

Everything for sale has a price. Low demand generally leads to low prices and high demand generally pushes prices up. When it comes to airline tickets, the price versus demand relationship can get quite complicated behind the scenes. Purchasers are often perplexed by the variation in prices than can occur between searching and buying. The pricing of this perishable product…Read More

Real Time Business Analytics Gives a Better Customer Journey

[siteorigin_widget class="SiteOrigin_Widget_Image_Widget"][/siteorigin_widget] Are your distribution tactics leading to higher customer conversions and lower customer acquisition costs? Every organisation seeks to improve these metrics, but in the world of online travel this could literally be the difference between sink or swim. Put like that, real time business analytics (as opposed to yesterday’s or last week’s results) could be the crucial support…Read More

Business Intelligence – a key ingredient to ‘Happy Customers and Ancillary Revenue

Airline conferences discussing the new world of airline merchandising reveal that airline executives are going through a total ‘out-of-the box re-think’ about what an airline offers to its customers and how it’s products and services are sold. The central question for airlines is how to ensure a “multi-channel strategy with an intense focus on driving higher yield and better volumes.…Read More

Good Talking, Relevance and Decisive Retailing — OpenJaw Summit, Dublin

I have taken to writing blogs on my recent conferences and it’s a habit I must endeavour to retain. My most recent conference was OpenJaw’s t-Retailing Summit at Kilashee House in Kildare – a few miles outside of Dublin. In my last blog I had some fun with Vueling’s customer service, and although Aer Lingus managed to turn the one…Read More

Reading your Data with Intelligence, Part 3 — A closer look at Dashboards

In this 3-part series, we began by discussing why data matters to travel organisations, we went on to summarise the ways that the data that matters can be cleverly visualised  and we conclude with a short appreciation of the dashboard – the window that throws light on the data considered critical for the running the business. The online travel industry is…Read More

Reading Your Data with Intelligence (Part 2) — How to Visualise Data

The first article in this series briefly explains what we mean by business intelligence (BI) and how it can serve travel organisations. This article focuses more on how to analyse and visualise data, especially XML data in the online travel industry, before taking a closer look at the dashboard in the final article. Analysing XML data streams that flow between…Read More

Reading Your Data with Intelligence (Part 1) — Why Data Matters in Travel

We often talk about the power of business intelligence, especially for the travel industry where look to book ratios are soaring, mobile transactions are exploding and the data deluge is overwhelming. It is clear why this data matters in travel. It is the foundation for  online travel companies to structure their customer offerings and distribution channels. Now, intelligent insights from…Read More

Time for airlines to use XML intelligence to drive profit

Understanding the passenger shopping journey from searching to buying is a major pre-occupation for airlines in today’s competitive distribution landscape. XML intelligence prompted by IATA's NDC initiative holds many answers to help structure what is sold where and to whom. There is a certain urgency in this when you consider all the new ways of raising revenue that airlines are…Read More

NDC-Low Cost in for the Long Haul

The Economist recently tackled the question of whether the Low Cost Carrier (LCC) model will be able to disrupt the long haul air travel market in the way they have successfully disrupted the short haul market. “Making Laker’s dream come true” asks whether the time and conditions are finally right for a low cost carrier like Norwegian to be the…Read More

Don’t forget the customer when selling air travel ancillaries

I have been following IATA’s New Distribution Capability (NDC) initiative avidly for over a year, firstly from a professional interest (i.e. how it will work) and secondly from a consumer interest as a keen traveller. I get that NDC will enable legacy airlines to unbundle their services and prices and make them available and transparent to their customers across all…Read More

The Awesomeness of visualising XML Insights in a BI Dashboard

Online travel business is fast-paced, competitive and swamped in data. XML data and XML insights in particular is what I have in mind. Searching for travel products such as tours, hotels, airlines and cars generates ever increasing look-to book ratios. The more players that participate, the more distribution channels there are for travel suppliers to get their customers from, the more complex…Read More

The IATA WPS Conference Journey – Aspirations Bridging Reality

The world can be theoretically a great place. I suggest theoretically because in some cases it has that potential and in other instances it already is. But most of the time it is somewhere in between the two. I say this because I have just returned from the major industry gathering of airline executives discussing, among other topics, how traditional…Read More

Caught in the Big Data Deluge? – What About Mastering Little Data First

What exactly is Big Data? It covers structured and unstructured data and means different things to different people. It has been eloquently defined in seven different ways by Timo Elliot of SAP. It apparently was first coined back in 1998 by John R. Masey, Chief Scientist at SGI according to a quick gallop through Big Data History by Forbes contributor…Read More