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API Design – Unlocking the Value of your Data

In recent years the travel industry has witnessed an explosive growth in APIs (application programming interface). This reflects the rise in online portals selling travel products. These portals help end consumers make their travel plans,—enabling them to browse through rates of various travel products in real time, and make bookings using any type of device, conventional desktop or portable.  Indeed…Read More

Reducing Mean Time to Resolution MTTR

Companies dependent on critical systems or with globally distributed workforces, outages dramatically affect their productivity and satisfaction with the application service.  Resolving outages and issues quickly is important.  Finding out what’s actually going wrong is often the lion’s share of your resolution time. It’s critical to have instrumentation and analytics for each of your services, and make sure that information…Read More

Mobile Apps for Travel: The Analytical Challenge in this Growing Channel

The use of mobile apps to search and book in the online travel space has grown dramatically over the last five years – from around 2-3% to over 25%. Indeed according to e-marketer, online travel is reaching a tipping point in 2016 when, for the first time, more than half of all online bookings for U.S. travellers will be completed…Read More

APIs – The Plumbing of the B2B Travel Industry

The online travel industry is made up of a complex web of distribution channels and networks.  Travel product suppliers such as hotel companies and airlines need to interconnect with aggregators and distributors such as wholesalers, metasearch and GDSs to reach as large an audience as possible for their rooms and seats. Meanwhile suppliers are also becoming distributors not only of…Read More