Differentiating Channels

Differentiating Distribution Channels

Distribution managers routinely use a variety of channels to distribute their inventory.  Inventory is sourced from a variety of travel product suppliers such as hotels or other accommodation providers, usually by inventory or supplier managers. They all need insight to do this as profitably as possible by differentiating channels according to performance or contributions. The Web Services Analyzer provides travel inventory and distribution managers with a comprehensive view of how their  preferred channels are performing, and how their performance can be improved. The look-to-book ratios of channel partners and the underlying factors can be analysed to help them become more productive and drive higher revenues.


It is essential to understand the changing dynamics of your “traditional” channels and differentiate partners within the same channel. This means getting timely and relevant data on what each channel is able to deliver to your operation and which individual players within these channels deliver the absolute best return.  Knowing who is loading your systems with high volume searches but poor bookings empowers you to manage the channel relationship to achieve optimum results.   Below are just some examples of the data intelligence that the Analyzer can deliver to your business:


Channel Demand by traveller type

Channel Demand by Traveller Type